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CIOOS (Canadian Integrated Ocean Observing System) is a newly launched online platform for sharing, discovering and accessing ocean data in Canada. CIOOS works across the nation and across sectors to unite the knowledge, expertise, and infrastructure of Canada’s ocean observing community. Three CIOOS Regional Associations have been established: Pacific, Gulf of St. Lawrence and Atlantic.

CIOOS Atlantic is a consortium of partners committed to the development of a data management and dissemination approach for the Atlantic Seaboard. CIOOS Atlantic’s open-access platform can be used to share information about the state of our ocean, to access raw ocean data from different sectors, and to explore regionally-tailored data products.

CIOOS Atlantic Benefits

Fast, free and easy access to standardized ocean data

Increased visibility for your work

Ocean visualizations specific to regional needs

Regionally based expert staff ready to work with you

Increased coordination, collaboration and transparency

Contribute to informed management of marine systems

CIOOS Atlantic Users

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Indigenous Organizations and Communities



The Public

International Collaborators

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Webinar series with NERACOOS focused on ocean challenges and unifying responses in the NW Atlantic.