Contribute to CIOOS Atlantic

CIOOS is always accepting open access ocean data.

Contributing to CIOOS Atlantic increases visibility for your data. Your organization can be a part of the open data community and increase access to information. Sharing your data with us encourages scientific collaboration, supports innovation, facilitates knowledge discovery, and more.

CIOOS Atlantic integrates open access data from Canada’s east coast, from Labrador to Bay of Fundy that align with CIOOS’ Essential Ocean Variables.

Process for Contributing Your Data

Want to contribute your data to CIOOS? Contact us at if you have any questions or require additional information to help you get started.

Use the CIOOS Atlantic Metadata Entry Tool to get started. To use the tool, sign in with your Google Account and click on “New Record” to begin. After you submit your metadata entry form, one of our CIOOS Atlantic staff members will be in contact with you. They will help guide you through the process of integrating your data and metadata into our data catalogue. This includes dataset and geospatial information.

Once your data and metadata have been integrated, it will be open for review and refinement before being published. The dataset will be accessible to general users and CIOOS data tools after it has been processed.

See our CIOOS Atlantic User Agreement to understand the roles and responsibilities of CIOOS Atlantic and those who provide data and use data.

For more information, please visit our FAQ page.