Open ocean data in Atlantic Canada that works for you!

Essential Ocean Variables (EOVs) is the term used to describe those variables arising from ocean observing activities. EOVs are also governed by the Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS), positioning CIOOS to contribute to global efforts to better understand our changing oceans. Currently CIOOS Atlantic fully supports six EOVs, with partial support for data that falls outside of this list, such as pH. This core list of EOVs will expand over time to include biological and other variables, such as seagrass. 


Sea Surface Height





The metadata required by CIOOS includes essential ancillary data of time, depth, latitude, and longitude. This allows for the determination of another seven derived or related sub-variables, including several which are related to the fundamental properties of seawater, without the need for additional measurement. These seven additional variables are fully supported by CIOOS Atlantic.

Seawater Density

Speed of Sound

Potential Density

Potential Temperature

Nitrate and Nitrite


Silicic Acid

While CIOOS Atlantic has made every effort to create an easy-to-use system for data contributors, in some instances datasets may contain variables which are only partially-supported. These variables cannot be searched or filtered via CKAN or the Asset Map. However,¬†datasets containing partially supported variables are discoverable by searching “organization” or a fully-supported variable contained within the same dataset. All datasets within CIOOS are accessible and may be downloaded.