Partnership Profiles

A strength of CIOOS Atlantic lies in the power of partnerships, in fostering relationships and building connections. To highlight this, we have developed Partnership Profiles to showcase the work of organizations that are collaborating with CIOOS Atlantic to make coastal and ocean data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable (FAIR). Through Partnership Profiles, CIOOS Atlantic offers regional, national, and international exposure for our partner organizations and the important work they are conducting. If your organization would like more information, or to partner with CIOOS Atlantic, please contact us at or visit Contribute to CIOOS Atlantic.

Centre for Marine Applied Research

The Centre for Marine Applied Research (CMAR) leads and supports research projects in collaboration with industry, government, community, and other marine user groups that support the sustainable development of coastal resources in Nova Scotia. CMAR collects and analyzes biophysical and socioeconomic data that provide the foundation for science-based decision making and foster innovation necessary to advance the long-term sustainable development of the fisheries and aquaculture industries. Read more about the CMAR and CIOOS Atlantic Partnership at the link below.

Visit the CIOOS Atlantic Data Catalogue to explore the various CMAR datasets available, including three datasets collected using three metre tall, one metre diameter meteorological/oceanographic buoys from Xeos Technologies Inc. deployed in Chedabucto Bay, Jordan Bay, and St. Mary’s Bay, Nova Scotia.


SmartAtlantic, Atlantic Canada’s largest and longest-standing ocean observation system, provides timely and valuable meteorological and oceanographic data from across the region in support of safety, operational efficiency, and situational awareness. The SmartAtlantic platform provides open access to information from across Atlantic Canada, contributing to operational decisions for marine shipping, aquaculture, offshore oil and gas operations and environmental modelling and forecasting, ultimately providing better information for better decisions.

Explore SmartAtlantic datasets available in the CIOOS Atlantic Data Catalogue.


The Fundy Ocean Research Centre for Energy (FORCE) is Canada’s lead research facility for tidal stream energy technology. This new, renewable technology uses the ebb and flow of the tide to generate electricity – much like wind turbines harness the wind. FORCE acts as a host to turbine developers, providing a permitted site, electrical infrastructure, an observation facility, and connection to the power grid. FORCE also works with multiple partners to conduct research to advance the science of data capture in high tidal flows, and identify any potential environmental effects.

Explore FORCE datasets available in the CIOOS Atlantic Data Catalogue.

Coastal Action

Coastal Action is a charitable organization that addresses environmental concerns throughout the South Shore region of Nova Scotia and beyond by promoting the restoration, enhancement, and conservation of our environment through research, education, action, and community engagement. Coastal Action developed the Atlantic Canada Microplastic Research Project (2017-2020), which has continued to lead microplastic research and education in Atlantic Canada.

Explore the Coastal Action dataset available in the CIOOS Atlantic Data Catalogue.