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ERDDAP's "files" system lets you browse a virtual file system and download source data files.
WARNING! The dataset's metadata and variable names in these source files may be different than elsewhere in ERDDAP! You might prefer using the dataset's Data Access Form instead. ("files" documentation, including "How can I work with these files?")
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[DIR]Parent Directory--
[DIR]9qw2-yb2f/--Coastal Monitoring Program Data: Yarmouth County
[DIR]a9za-3t63/--Coastal Monitoring Program Data: Inverness County
[DIR]adpu-nyt8/--Coastal Monitoring Program Data: Pictou County
[DIR]atlantic_zone_off_shelf_monitoring_program/--Maritimes Region Atlantic Zone Off-Shelf Monitoring Program (AZOMP) Rosette Vertical Profiles
[DIR]bio_annual_ice_forecast_hydrographic_survey_st_lawrence_ctd/--Maritimes Region Annual Ice Forecast Hydrographic Survey Gulf Of St. Lawrence Rosette Vertical Profiles
[DIR]bio_barrow_strait_program_rosette/--Maritimes Region Barrow Strait Flow Observational Program Rosette Vertical Profiles
[DIR]bio_historical_arctic_ctd/--Maritimes Region Historical Arctic Rosette Vertical Profiles
[DIR]bio_historical_coastal_ctd/--Maritimes Region Historical Coastal Rosette Vertical Profiles
[DIR]bio_historical_offshore_international_ctd/--Maritimes Region Historical offshore and international missions Rosette Vertical Profiles
[DIR]bio_historical_west_greenland_ctd/--Maritimes Region Historical West Greenland monitoring program Rosette Vertical Profiles
[DIR]cmar_8f10_9c65_13cb/--CMAR - St. Mary's Bay
[DIR]cmar_c5a5_c41c_2090/--CMAR - Chedabucto Bay
[DIR]cmar_fca0_698a_0716/--CMAR - Jordan Bay
[DIR]coast-of-bays-hydrographic-2009-2013/--Coast of Bays seawater vertical and horizontal structure: Hydrographic structure, spatial variability and seasonality, 2009-2013
[DIR]coastal_action_7471_9460_c025/--Atlantic Canada Microplastic Research Project (2017-2020)
[DIR]eb3n-uxcb/--Coastal Monitoring Program Data: Guysborough County
[DIR]eda5-aubu/--Coastal Monitoring Program Data: Lunenburg County
[DIR]force_meteorological_tower/--FORCE Meteorological Tower
[DIR]knwz-4bap/--Coastal Monitoring Program Data: Annapolis County
[DIR]marine_ecology_lab_c17d_14ed_c2f8/--Marine Ecology Lab, Coastal intertidal environment temperatures
[DIR]maritimes_region_atlantic_zone_monitoring_program_rosette_vertical_profiles/--Maritimes Region Atlantic Zone Monitoring Program (AZMP) Rosette Vertical Profiles
[DIR]maritimes_region_ecosystem_survey/--Maritimes Region Ecosystem Survey Rosette Vertical Profiles
[DIR]mq2k-54s4/--Coastal Monitoring Program Data: Shelburne County
[DIR]NL_Climate_Index/--Newfoundland and Labrador climate index
[DIR]NL_Climate_Index_all_fields/--Newfoundland and Labrador climate index, All Fields
[DIR]NL_Climate_Index_natrual_signs/--Newfoundland and Labrador climate index, Natural Signs
[DIR]v6sa-tiit/--Coastal Monitoring Program Data: Richmond County
[DIR]wpsu-7fer/--Coastal Monitoring Program Data: Digby County
[DIR]x9dy-aai9/--Coastal Monitoring Program Data: Halifax County
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