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Dataset Title:  Coastal Monitoring Program Data: Guysborough County Subscribe RSS
Institution:  Centre for Marine Applied Research (CMAR)   (Dataset ID: eb3n-uxcb)
Information:  Summary ? | License ? | FGDC | ISO 19115 | Metadata | Background (external link) | Data Access Form | Files | Make a graph

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    sensor ?  =  199 options

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waterbody_station lease sensor
Chedabucto Bay-Moose Point aquaMeasure-670378
Chedabucto Bay-Moose Point aquaMeasure-670379
Chedabucto Bay-Moose Point aquaMeasure-675011
Chedabucto Bay-Moose Point HOBO-10817401
Chedabucto Bay-Moose Point HOBO-10817409
Chedabucto Bay-Moose Point HOBO-20291425
Chedabucto Bay-Moose Point HOBO-20291446
Chedabucto Bay-Moose Point HOBO-20495203
Chedabucto Bay-Moose Point HOBO-20495244
Chedabucto Bay-Moose Point HOBO-20820334
Chedabucto Bay-Moose Point HOBO-20820490
Chedabucto Bay-Moose Point VR2AR-547110
Chedabucto Bay-Moose Point VR2AR-548040
Chedabucto Bay-Rook Island aquaMeasure-670376
Chedabucto Bay-Rook Island aquaMeasure-670377
Chedabucto Bay-Rook Island aquaMeasure-671022
Chedabucto Bay-Rook Island aquaMeasure-675012
Chedabucto Bay-Rook Island HOBO-10755214
Chedabucto Bay-Rook Island HOBO-20291440
Chedabucto Bay-Rook Island HOBO-20291478
Chedabucto Bay-Rook Island HOBO-20291488
Chedabucto Bay-Rook Island HOBO-20308041
Chedabucto Bay-Rook Island HOBO-20495247
Chedabucto Bay-Rook Island HOBO-20820329
Chedabucto Bay-Rook Island HOBO-20820501
Chedabucto Bay-Rook Island VR2AR-547093
Chedabucto Bay-Rook Island VR2AR-547112
Chedabucto Bay-Sandy Cove Chedabucto aquaMeasure-671019
Chedabucto Bay-Sandy Cove Chedabucto aquaMeasure-675008
Chedabucto Bay-Sandy Cove Chedabucto aquaMeasure-680156
Chedabucto Bay-Sandy Cove Chedabucto HOBO-10755223
Chedabucto Bay-Sandy Cove Chedabucto HOBO-20291437
Chedabucto Bay-Sandy Cove Chedabucto HOBO-20308039
Chedabucto Bay-Sandy Cove Chedabucto HOBO-20308048
Chedabucto Bay-Sandy Cove Chedabucto HOBO-20330416
Chedabucto Bay-Sandy Cove Chedabucto HOBO-20495249
Chedabucto Bay-Sandy Cove Chedabucto HOBO-20820323
Chedabucto Bay-Sandy Cove Chedabucto HOBO-21082890
Chedabucto Bay-Sandy Cove Chedabucto VR2AR-547093
Chedabucto Bay-Sandy Cove Chedabucto VR2AR-548040
Chedabucto Bay-Tickle Island aquaMeasure-670357
Chedabucto Bay-Tickle Island aquaMeasure-670359
Chedabucto Bay-Tickle Island aquaMeasure-670362
Chedabucto Bay-Tickle Island aquaMeasure-670365
Chedabucto Bay-Tickle Island aquaMeasure-670376
Chedabucto Bay-Tickle Island aquaMeasure-675009
Chedabucto Bay-Tickle Island HOBO-10034842
Chedabucto Bay-Tickle Island HOBO-10034850
Chedabucto Bay-Tickle Island HOBO-10817504
Chedabucto Bay-Tickle Island HOBO-20291428
Chedabucto Bay-Tickle Island HOBO-20291451
Chedabucto Bay-Tickle Island HOBO-20291453
Chedabucto Bay-Tickle Island HOBO-20291476
Chedabucto Bay-Tickle Island HOBO-20291479
Chedabucto Bay-Tickle Island HOBO-20308044
Chedabucto Bay-Tickle Island HOBO-20495212
Chedabucto Bay-Tickle Island HOBO-20495219
Chedabucto Bay-Tickle Island HOBO-20495228
Chedabucto Bay-Tickle Island HOBO-20495235
Chedabucto Bay-Tickle Island HOBO-20763559
Chedabucto Bay-Tickle Island HOBO-20820351
Chedabucto Bay-Tickle Island HOBO-21083052
Chedabucto Bay-Tickle Island VR2AR-547110
Chedabucto Bay-Tickle Island VR2AR-547232
Country Harbour-0001 1.0 HOBO-10034844
Country Harbour-0001 1.0 HOBO-10226049
Country Harbour-0622 622.0 HOBO-10034855
Country Harbour-1307 1307.0 HOBO-10817410
Country Harbour-1307 1307.0 HOBO-20330413
Country Harbour-1307 1307.0 HOBO-20495242
Country Harbour-West Ferry Ramp 623.0 HOBO-10034844
Country Harbour-West Ferry Ramp 623.0 HOBO-10034853
Country Harbour-West Ferry Ramp 623.0 HOBO-10034868
Country Harbour-West Ferry Ramp 623.0 HOBO-10817500
Dover Bay-Madeline Point aquaMeasure-670376
Dover Bay-Madeline Point aquaMeasure-671021
Dover Bay-Madeline Point aquaMeasure-675015
Dover Bay-Madeline Point HOBO-10777103
Dover Bay-Madeline Point HOBO-10778921
Dover Bay-Madeline Point HOBO-20291435
Dover Bay-Madeline Point HOBO-20291445
Dover Bay-Madeline Point HOBO-20291475
Dover Bay-Madeline Point HOBO-20308044
Dover Bay-Madeline Point HOBO-20308050
Dover Bay-Madeline Point HOBO-20495246
Dover Bay-Madeline Point HOBO-20495248
Dover Bay-Madeline Point VR2AR-548039
Dover Bay-Madeline Point VR2AR-548043
Dover Bay-Madeline Point VR2AR-549346
Dover Bay-Seal Cove aquaMeasure-670350
Dover Bay-Seal Cove aquaMeasure-671020
Dover Bay-Seal Cove aquaMeasure-671134
Dover Bay-Seal Cove HOBO-10755251
Dover Bay-Seal Cove HOBO-10817399
Dover Bay-Seal Cove HOBO-10817404
Dover Bay-Seal Cove HOBO-20291470
Dover Bay-Seal Cove HOBO-20291480
Dover Bay-Seal Cove HOBO-20308042
Dover Bay-Seal Cove HOBO-20330412
Dover Bay-Seal Cove HOBO-20495219
Dover Bay-Seal Cove HOBO-20495227
Dover Bay-Seal Cove VR2AR-545760
Dover Bay-Seal Cove VR2AR-545767
Dover Bay-Seal Cove VR2AR-548043
Fishermans Harbour-Meal Rock aquaMeasure-670378
Fishermans Harbour-Meal Rock aquaMeasure-671019
Fishermans Harbour-Meal Rock aquaMeasure-671023
Fishermans Harbour-Meal Rock aquaMeasure-680158
Fishermans Harbour-Meal Rock aquaMeasure-680323
Fishermans Harbour-Meal Rock HOBO-10778920
Fishermans Harbour-Meal Rock HOBO-20291432
Fishermans Harbour-Meal Rock HOBO-20291435
Fishermans Harbour-Meal Rock HOBO-20291445
Fishermans Harbour-Meal Rock HOBO-20495209
Fishermans Harbour-Meal Rock HOBO-20495241
Fishermans Harbour-Meal Rock HOBO-20763552
Fishermans Harbour-Meal Rock TidbiT-20397527
Fishermans Harbour-Meal Rock TidbiT-20405699
Fishermans Harbour-Meal Rock TidbiT-20405701
Fishermans Harbour-Meal Rock VR2AR-547100
Fishermans Harbour-Meal Rock VR2AR-549343
Indian Harbour-Barachois aquaMeasure-670351
Indian Harbour-Barachois HOBO-20397535
Indian Harbour-Barachois HOBO-20495250
Indian Harbour-Barachois VR2AR-545777
Marie Joseph Harbour-0028 28.0 HOBO-10034856
Marie Joseph Harbour-Barren Island aquaMeasure-670365
Marie Joseph Harbour-Barren Island aquaMeasure-670373
Marie Joseph Harbour-Barren Island aquaMeasure-670376
Marie Joseph Harbour-Barren Island HOBO-20291484
Marie Joseph Harbour-Barren Island HOBO-20397530
Marie Joseph Harbour-Barren Island HOBO-20397534
Marie Joseph Harbour-Barren Island HOBO-20495247
Marie Joseph Harbour-Barren Island HOBO-20495249
Marie Joseph Harbour-Barren Island HOBO-20820327
Marie Joseph Harbour-Barren Island VR2AR-547088
Marie Joseph Harbour-Barren Island VR2AR-547109
Marie Joseph Harbour-Jewers Bay 1308.0 HOBO-10034852
Marie Joseph Harbour-Jewers Bay 1308.0 HOBO-10194899
Marie Joseph Harbour-Jewers Bay 1308.0 HOBO-10755217
Marie Joseph Harbour-Jewers Bay 1308.0 HOBO-10778918
New Harbour-The Bull aquaMeasure-670357
New Harbour-The Bull aquaMeasure-675018
New Harbour-The Bull HOBO-20308044
New Harbour-The Bull HOBO-20330417
New Harbour-The Bull HOBO-20495245
New Harbour-The Bull HOBO-20495254
New Harbour-The Bull VR2AR-548045
Strait of Canso-Eddy Cove aquaMeasure-670374
Strait of Canso-Eddy Cove aquaMeasure-670375
Strait of Canso-Eddy Cove HOBO-10755265
Strait of Canso-Eddy Cove HOBO-20291435
Strait of Canso-Eddy Cove VR2AR-547089
Strait of Canso-Pirate Harbour aquaMeasure-670367
Strait of Canso-Pirate Harbour aquaMeasure-670373
Strait of Canso-Pirate Harbour HOBO-10755242
Strait of Canso-Pirate Harbour HOBO-20291444
Strait of Canso-Pirate Harbour HOBO-20291445
Strait of Canso-Pirate Harbour HOBO-20291477
Strait of Canso-Pirate Harbour VR2AR-547090
Tor Bay-Center Bay aquaMeasure-670287
Tor Bay-Center Bay aquaMeasure-670363
Tor Bay-Center Bay aquaMeasure-670367
Tor Bay-Center Bay aquaMeasure-670368
Tor Bay-Center Bay aquaMeasure-675286
Tor Bay-Center Bay HOBO-10755213
Tor Bay-Center Bay HOBO-10755265
Tor Bay-Center Bay HOBO-20291480
Tor Bay-Center Bay HOBO-20308045
Tor Bay-Center Bay HOBO-20308047
Tor Bay-Center Bay HOBO-20804688
Tor Bay-Center Bay VR2AR-545767
Tor Bay-Center Bay VR2AR-547100
Tor Bay-English Harbour aquaMeasure-675008
Tor Bay-English Harbour aquaMeasure-680155
Tor Bay-English Harbour HOBO-10034850
Tor Bay-English Harbour VR2AR-548044
Tor Bay-Larry's River aquaMeasure-675011
Tor Bay-Larry's River aquaMeasure-680154
Tor Bay-Larry's River VR2AR-548041
Tor Bay-Tanner Island aquaMeasure-675010
Tor Bay-Tanner Island aquaMeasure-680157
Tor Bay-Tanner Island HOBO-10755251
Tor Bay-Tanner Island VR2AR-548037
Whitehead Harbour-1199 1199.0 HOBO-10194911
Whitehead Harbour-1199 1199.0 HOBO-10755231
Whitehead Harbour-Bald Rock aquaMeasure-670372
Whitehead Harbour-Bald Rock HOBO-20291470
Whitehead Harbour-Bald Rock HOBO-20308042
Whitehead Harbour-Bald Rock HOBO-20308050
Whitehead Harbour-Bald Rock HOBO-20330412
Whitehead Harbour-Bald Rock HOBO-20330417
Whitehead Harbour-Bald Rock HOBO-20495241
Whitehead Harbour-Bald Rock HOBO-20495245
Whitehead Harbour-Bald Rock VR2AR-548035
Whitehead Harbour-Burnt Island 0191/1113 HOBO-10817505
Whitehead Harbour-Burnt Island 1113 HOBO-10755220
Whitehead Harbour-Burnt Island 1113 HOBO-10755228
Whitehead Harbour-Burnt Island 191 HOBO-10194874
Whitehead Harbour-Fishermans Island 904 aquaMeasure-670374
Whitehead Harbour-Fishermans Island 904 aquaMeasure-671009
Whitehead Harbour-Fishermans Island 904 aquaMeasure-671137
Whitehead Harbour-Fishermans Island 904 aquaMeasure-686010
Whitehead Harbour-Fishermans Island 904 HOBO-10755244
Whitehead Harbour-Fishermans Island 904 HOBO-10777103
Whitehead Harbour-Fishermans Island 904 HOBO-10778917
Whitehead Harbour-Fishermans Island 904 HOBO-10817401
Whitehead Harbour-Fishermans Island 904 HOBO-20291430
Whitehead Harbour-Fishermans Island 904 HOBO-20291432
Whitehead Harbour-Fishermans Island 904 HOBO-20291440
Whitehead Harbour-Fishermans Island 904 HOBO-20291447
Whitehead Harbour-Fishermans Island 904 HOBO-20291478
Whitehead Harbour-Fishermans Island 904 HOBO-20495236
Whitehead Harbour-Fishermans Island 904 TidbiT-20405706
Whitehead Harbour-Fishermans Island 904 TidbiT-20405710
Whitehead Harbour-Fishermans Island 904 VR2AR-547232
Whitehead Harbour-Fishermans Island 904 VR2AR-549343
Whitehead Harbour-Fishermans Island 904.0 aquaMeasure-670374
Whitehead Harbour-Fishermans Island 904.0 HOBO-10777103
Whitehead Harbour-Fishermans Island 904.0 HOBO-10778917
Whitehead Harbour-Fishermans Island 904.0 TidbiT-20405706
Whitehead Harbour-Fishermans Island 904.0 TidbiT-20405710
Whitehead Harbour-Harbour Island aquaMeasure-675009
Whitehead Harbour-Northeast Branch 1199.0 aquaMeasure-671013
Whitehead Harbour-Northeast Branch 1199.0 aquaMeasure-671135
Whitehead Harbour-Northeast Branch 1199.0 HOBO-10755206
Whitehead Harbour-Northeast Branch 1199.0 HOBO-10755223
Whitehead Harbour-Northeast Branch 1199.0 HOBO-20291488
Whitehead Harbour-Northeast Branch 1199.0 HOBO-20330419
Whitehead Harbour-Northeast Branch 1199.0 TidbiT-20395736
Whitehead Harbour-Northeast Branch 1199.0 TidbiT-20397536
Whitehead Harbour-Northeast Branch 1199.0 TidbiT-20405698
Whitehead Harbour-Northeast Branch 1199.0 TidbiT-20405705
Whitehead Harbour-Northeast Branch 1199.0 TidbiT-20407505
Whitehead Harbour-Northwest Branch 1198 HOBO-10755256
Whitehead Harbour-Northwest Branch 1198 HOBO-10778917
Whitehead Harbour-Northwest Branch 1198 HOBO-20291459
Whitehead Harbour-Northwest Branch 1198.0 HOBO-10034854
Whitehead Harbour-Northwest Branch 1198.0 HOBO-10755256
Whitehead Harbour-The Basin 839 HOBO-20308039
Whitehead Harbour-The Basin 839 HOBO-20495211
Whitehead Harbour-The Basin 839 TidbiT-20405708
Whitehead Harbour-The Basin 839 TidbiT-20405711
Whitehead Harbour-The Basin 839.0 HOBO-10034846
Whitehead Harbour-The Basin 839.0 HOBO-10194899
Whitehead Harbour-The Basin 839.0 HOBO-20291465
Whitehead Harbour-The Basin 839.0 HOBO-20308039
Whitehead Harbour-The Channel 1114.0 HOBO-10226050
Whitehead Harbour-The Channel 1114.0 HOBO-10755244
Whitehead Harbour-The Channel 1114.0 HOBO-10817404
Whitehead Harbour-The Channel 1114.0 HOBO-20291461
Whitehead Harbour-White Island 613 HOBO-10755218
Whitehead Harbour-White Island 613 HOBO-10817410
Whitehead Harbour-White Island 613 HOBO-20330416
Whitehead Harbour-White Island 613.0 HOBO-20330416
Whitehead Harbour-Yankee Cove 1091 HOBO-10034839
Whitehead Harbour-Yankee Cove 1091 HOBO-10755214
Whitehead Harbour-Yankee Cove 1091 HOBO-10778921
Whitehead Harbour-Yankee Cove 1091 HOBO-10817405
Wine Harbour-Wine Harbour 75 HOBO-10194912
Wine Harbour-Wine Harbour 75 HOBO-10777103
Wine Harbour-Wine Harbour 75 HOBO-20291463
Wine Harbour-Wine Harbour 75 HOBO-20495227
Wine Harbour-Wine Harbour 75 HOBO-20820322
Wine Harbour-Wine Harbour 75 HOBO-21082881
Wine Harbour-Wine Harbour 75 TidbiT-20405704
Wine Harbour-Wine Harbour 75 TidbiT-20405713

In total, there are 267 rows of distinct combinations of the variables listed above. All of the rows are shown above.
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